The public offer contract

Dear Customer!

The service system is available only on the terms of the Offer. If you do not accept the full terms of the Offer, the use of service systems is not permitted. Text below the Offer is addressed to individuals official public to conclude a contract for the provision of services in accordance with paragraph 2 st.437 Civil Code. The contract is concluded and shall take effect from the date of your actions under the Offer and constitutes your unconditional adherence to all conditions of the Offer without any exceptions or limitations.


LLC “AL-AMIN 99″ hereinafter referred to as “system”, enters into this agreement with any person, hereinafter referred to as “customer.” This Agreement is a contract of service concluded by public offer, and regulates the provision of services and obligations arising in connection between the system and the client.


1.1. OPERATOR – an organization that provides services transport passengers other services to provide these services to implement the system.

1.2. CLIENT – site user .

1.3. Passenger – a service user OPERATOR.

1.4 website Systems – site located at .

and gives customers access to the use of the services provided on the booking and purchase of airline tickets and additional services.

1.5. Payment system – a legal entity, the agent SYSTEM to receive payments from the payer for services and SYSTEM OPERATOR.

1.6. Electronic ticket – entry accounting system operators containing customer identification data, the passenger, the order (route information, locations, etc.) and the status of the order confirming the passenger’s right to use the service of the Operator and operator’s responsibility to provide services to passengers.

1.7. Reservation of the electronic ticket – change the order status in the accounting system operator, on the status, which means that the order is reserved for a certain time, and during that time can be sold only to the client, who made this order.

1.7. Sale/purchase of a ticket – change the order status in the accounting system operator, on the status, meaning passengers receive the right to use the services of operators and the operator’s responsibility to provide services to passengers. This right is established and provided by the operator. Operator to be responsible and guarantee of their services to the passengers. The right to use the service operators arise from third parties (passengers) if the client ordering were given the necessary information about the passengers.

1.8. Additional services – Tickets Aeroexpress the shuttle to the Moscow airport, and insurance policies, accident and loss of baggage.


2.1. SYSTEM for value gives customers access to real-time access to relevant information about flight options and availability, with which users can directly or indirectly to produce the order, book and purchase AIR TICKETS OPERATOR under the terms of the Offer, and the customer receives and pays for the services in full.


3.1. Customer is entitled to

3.1.1. Make their own decision on the use of services of the system. The client acknowledges that the use of the service it fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of the offer no matter which way the order was made.

3.1.2. Deny service to the Operator after buying air tickets on the terms of the OPERATOR.

3.1.3. Independently from public sources inquire about the market value of the tickets and related services. The system is only responsible for the information that is published on the website

3.1.4. Choose from offered at , the method of payment of air tickets. The client undertakes to read the rules of use of a payment system, as well as the rules of the system, which are published on the website

3.1.5. Place orders for Reservation of air tickets using the Internet, phone calls and other means listed on

The system shall have the right, without giving any reason to refuse the registration of the order.

3.1.6. Order to independently verify the data before registration and booking air tickets. Customer is responsible for the accuracy and legality of the use of the data used to them at checkout.

3.1.7. Solutions for complex situations to contact support SYSTEMS, using contacts listed in the “Contact Us” site .

3.1.8. CUSTOMER may return unused tickets in accordance with the rules OPERATOR set for return tickets and airline regulations. For operation on registration Refund for unused tickets system charges the fee for each ticket in order.


3.2.1. Require the client to adhere to comply with all procedures and orders Reservation of air tickets is strictly according to the rules laid down on the site

in this Offer. Whatever action is performed CLIENT system is responsible for the proper performance only actions and procedures performed in full compliance with these rules.

3.2.2. Require the client to full agreement with the terms of the Offer if the client either directly or through a third party data system’s website. Without consent to the terms of an offer to refuse the provision of services.

3.2.3. Hold to the client or to demand payment of the full cost of their services, and additional charges for payments in the case of exchange, voluntary or forced return, cancellation (voydirovaniya night statement) ticket through the system, as well as the total cost of fines by the operator in the case of exchange, voluntary or forced return tickets through the system. In this case, the cost of services paid by the client system and additional fee for the realization of payment is not refundable. The client has a system of fully recognizes as lawful, no complaints.

3.2.6. Disable and enable the service for preventive maintenance on the server and other equipment used in the provision of services at a convenient time, informing the client on site

3.2.7. Establish and modify service charges when you make air tickets, as well as the concept of pricing their services at any time.

3.2.8. CLIENT acknowledges that all data obtained by analyzing data, the client/passenger and his purchases are wholly owned by SYSTEM. Customer warrants and responsibility that the data specified in the order are voluntarily given to them by another person, and third person familiar with the Offer.

3.2.9. Provides the client with information about the operator and payment to the extent agreed with operators and payment systems involved in the process of purchasing the electronic ticket.

3.2.10. Show the value of their services in the form of a single price for services operators, including the cost of the services provided. CLIENT acknowledges that agrees with the statement of the cost of services and is focused at the order of the final value of all services.

3.2.11. Advise clients on the move ordering, booking, buying electronic tickets. Including yourself to call back to the client when ordering a mobile phone number. CLIENT has the right to refuse consultation, the system, if it can substantiate its refusal.

3.2.12. Require the client to complete payment in accordance with the cost of the order produced.

3.2.13. Redirect the client to the help desk or the web site of the operator or the payment system, for a more detailed description of services.

3.3. Customers are required

3.3.1. Agree to the terms of this Offer. In case of disagreement, the service is not provided. If the consumer uses the service and booked or purchased airline tickets, the system automatically assumes that all conditions of the Offer by the CLIENT.

3.3.2. Not to proceed with the order, not previously acquainted with the rules of the system’s website.

If the CLIENT Proceed to Checkout, the system can assume that the client is fully aware of and agree to the terms. When making reservations online passenger, agreeing to the terms of the tariff agree to the terms of the exchange and return biletov.Strogie Refund tickets mean that a refund is not returned or is returned polnostyu.Informatsiya not the exact amount of your refund is available upon written request of the passenger. If you bought your ticket on a passenger flight, carried out by a foreign air carrier, the air conditions, including exchange and return tickets, carried by the airline company.

3.3.3. Read and accept the full cost of services as a lump sum before booking.

Reservations must be made by pressing “Next” button in the interface of the system’s website, or after oral confirmation to the client, or after the event, set in the system according to the rules posted on the system’s website.

3.3.4. Pay the full amount on their own or through a third party service cost and value of the SYSTEM OPERATOR by the methods of payment, on the site

3.3.5. Make sure that the air ticket is successfully purchased.


3.4.1. Provide clients with access to the system’s website for booking and discharge air tickets and provide services strictly on the terms of the Offer. On other terms of service shall not be provided.

3.4.2. At his own expense to improve the work sites of the system and to prevent.

3.4.3. Provide the client with the information you need to book and purchase air tickets.

3.4.4. Provide the client with information about the operator and payment services, comprehensive information is the information provided by the operator and agreed with them.

3.4.5. To provide the customer a choice of services to operators using the interface system’s website and phone support if the service is not disabled and is operational at the time of the client request.

3.4.6. Accept fees from clients (including through third parties) after proper ordering and successful reservation, receive confirmation of payment order on-line from the payment systems (third party), acts as an agent to receive payments for services, if available and performance at the time of the request for payment. Without confirmation from the payment system payment order is not bought a ticket. Ticket status change, and the ticket is bought only in the event of such confirmation SYSTEM.


4.1. An order is formalized in the commission of the CLIENT (directly or indirectly) the following:

  • choice itinerary online ;
  • Confirm the route;
  • Providing fully and correctly all the necessary data about the customer / passenger. Passport information and other data to support a person. Mobile phone number indicated in the international format (Example: 7916 *******). If you specify an invalid phone number CLIENT deprived of the opportunity to be notified by the system about the status of the order;
  • acceptance of this Offer and pressing a button “CONFIRM” in the interface of complex sites SYSTEM.


4.2.1. Orders will be confirmed at the following events:

  • Successful execution of customer orders;
  • conducting successful data verification procedures passengers and clients, the order data;
  • If necessary, treatment
  • SYSTEM OPERATOR to double check the order data, and receive a positive response.

4.3. BOOK

4.3.1. Air ticket is booked at the following events:

  • successful confirmation of the order;
  • sending system to book this accounting statement containing the necessary information about the order;
  • Successful change the order status to operators in the accounting system of the operator, for the status, which means that the order is reserved for a certain time, and during this time, may be sold only to the client, who made this order;
  • positive response received by the system (booking confirmation) from the operator to this order.

4.5. Buy/Sell/RETURN

4.5.1. Air tickets is sold to customers at the following events:

When making transportation services or other additional services to customers must pay a fee set by the operator, other fees and charges system, depending on the service provided. Making your reservation must be paid to the client within the time specified after the order (time-limit), one of the following ways:

  • bank cards over the Internet with PAYMENT SYSTEM;
  • to the sales office Euroset;
  • in payment terminals QIWI, JCB, Unikassa, ESGP, Pinpay Express;
  • using electronic money WebMoney; Yandex Money,,, RBK Money;
  • C help of Alpha-click;
  • Master Bank ATMs;
  • C using money transfer system Contact;
  • Account mobile cellular operators MTS and Beeline.

If paying by credit card carriage, in some cases, payment is divided into two sums, one goes in favor of the system and the other in favor of the operators.

If the order is not paid before the time limit, it will be canceled. Time-limit fees may be changed due to circumstances beyond SYSTEM reason without prior notification of the passenger. Cancel the order can not be restored to re-pay, except by creating a new order on the website.

system has a right to charge customers the extra service charges – for the booking services and design of electronic tickets, as well as for the return and exchange of the previously issued ticket. The presence and size of the data charges depending on the conditions provided by the carrier or other person providing services. The service charge is included in the price, and in the case of voluntary or forced return, cancellation (voydirovaniya night statement) tickets or refusal of the client from the services of third parties not subject to return. Service fee per transaction return or exchange a ticket, or making changes to the ordered services of third parties independent of the ticket price and service.

4.5.2. For the procedure return air ticket to:

  • Client makes a written request for a return air ticket / cash and sends section http://
  • operator contacts the client by e-mail or phone to confirm the transaction back, voicing the cash amount due for repayment is considering penalties airlines and service charge for return operation;
  • refund for airline tickets paid in cash directly to the day of the operation and the personal appearance of the CLIENT to the sales office listed on the site ;
  • refund for airline tickets paid for plastic card customers to carry out up to 30 working days;
  • refund for airline tickets paid for by the electronic money through a money transfer system CONTACT up to 5 working days.


5.1. System is not responsible for the proper functioning of no cellular network and the availability of individual segments of the Internet during the purchase of AIR TICKETS.

5.2. CUSTOMER assumes full responsibility and risk for the reliability of input contact information when booking and purchasing AIR TICKETS.

5.3. The system shall not be liable for any loss or non-pecuniary damage suffered by the Client as a result of misunderstanding or lack of understanding customers with information about how to obtain and use AIR TICKETS.

5.4. The parties will make every effort to reach agreement on controversial issues through negotiations. If it is impossible to reach agreement in negotiations, the disputes shall be referred to the Arbitration Court of Moscow.

5.5. In all other matters not expressly provided in this Agreement shall be governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation. All disputes arising from the provisions of the Rules shall be settled in the courts of the Russian Federation in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

5.6 Operator is not responsible for any negative consequences and losses are not the fault of the operator, including:

  • in failing to fulfill obligations due to unreliable or insufficient information provided by the client, or the client initially violation of the rules of registration and payment orders;
  • for the actions of carriers (modification, cancellation, postponement, delay departure flights, trains, change in the cost of tickets, the removal rate of sale, cancellation of unpaid or paid reservation), for safety, loss of or damage to baggage, cargo, valuables and documents of passengers in for the duration of their trip. In these cases, customers are responsible to air carriers in accordance with international regulations and current legislation;
  • for the customs and immigration authorities;
  • because of restrictions on the right of the client to the exit and entry of Russia into the Russian authorities;
  • for the consequences of a client violates customs and border formalities, rules, travel and luggage, as well as violations of specific rules of behavior in the country of temporary residence;
  • for lack CLIENT travel documents issued to him by the OPERATOR;
  • for absence or lateness CLIENT for registration voyage to a place of departure of the train;
  • for non CLIENT rules of conduct established by the carrier on the plane, on a train;
  • for lack CLIENT-looking passports at the time of the trip, the relevant documents governing the trafficking of children.
  • for removal from the flight if the intended stay in the destination country exceed the term of the document certifying the identity of the client.


6.1. Parties are not responsible for the complete or partial failure to perform its obligations hereunder if such failure was caused by force majeure, that is extraordinary and unavoidable under the given conditions.

6.2. The circumstances of force majeure, in particular, include: natural disasters, hostilities, national crisis, strike in a sector or region, the actions and decisions of public authorities, failures occurring in the telecommunications and energy networks, operation of malicious programs, and the unscrupulous actions of third those expressed in the actions aimed at unauthorized access and/or disabling the software and/or hardware system of each Party.


7.1. This offer becomes effective with the commencement of the processing of customer orders and is valid indefinitely.

7.2. The Customer may at any time cancel the service system and/or operator. Refusal of the client results in termination of all obligations to him with it since such a refusal.

7.5. The system shall have the right to change the terms of this Agreement and its Annexes, introduce new Appendix to this Agreement without notice. CLIENT aware of this shift, I agree with the fact that they will be made. If the client continues to use the services of the system after these changes, it means his agreement with them.

8. Confidentiality of the data

8.1. Customers are guaranteed privacy of data available to them in order to buy AIR TICKETS.

8.2. Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login name (login) and password (if any), as well as for all activities that occur under that name (login) and password. The system is not responsible for, and does not cover damages caused by unauthorized use by third parties customer identification data.


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